by ghettohund

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Recorded mixed and mastered by Stay Rad


released March 22, 2019


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



ghettohund Basel, Switzerland

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Track Name: Krätzeparanoia
Laufsch um de Egge, ich schmöck dich scho vo wiitem
en ehrlichi Akündigung, hanget i de Luft

I am a young lonely bastard on a long dirty road
Steeling my timo, looking for a show Something to fucking do
Walter sick, stinking as hell, nowhere to hide,nowhere to go
Stumbling throughthe darkness of my past, fuck I am blind, to see my greed

Pilz und Bakterie Kultur förderet d‘ Biodiversität
Das isch d Essenz vo Bodykult ,besch ebe nie allei

Hauptsach es dräckigs Sofa
Track Name: James Bond
Stand in a line, caress your fear
Breath out breath in, caress your fear
Bound to circumstances light up the fire it spreads really fast,really fast
They won’t break the will to destroy what we hate,what we hate
This system should be about to colapse
Police terror racial profiling it’s part of peoples life
They show their power racial profiling suddenly your a criminal because the way you look.
Go push an invert their presence to the nowhere
To the moon with ideals of a state system
Post kolonial arrogance and praying fear
we’re all the same, such a simple thing
Track Name: Kitsch
One of these Days i always hated
insecurity spread it s wings inside me
tell me what is this all about running around running around
tell me what is this all about running around for the maintenance of existence
Absurd is absurd break fast
Prefer to have breakfast and go back to sleep

Wanna suck every drop out of life’s juice
and in the end fuck it to death and pass out

Slut med sjävhat, màste Komma ut

No sorrow machine no gun’s to clean no sorrow machine
Track Name: Straight Forward
This time I will make it
This time I can stop
This time big changes
This time everything new

This time my intention is clear
This time no excuses
This time no return
This time everything new
Tousand sorrys before we start
Tousand holes to dig
seed is growing out of the
saftiness of darkness

Straight forward
into the ruff sea
held your head up high
straight forward, crawling,sincer, without breakfast

I do regret nothing
Life got just two days
One is today
Tomorrow i will try to change
Track Name: Jäte
über die Psychologie der Beschätfigung
Track Name: Overload
I got an overload ,i‘m crazy and i‘m sad to many things in my head

I got an overload, no time to thingk or breath ants are tickeling my feet

my role as mother friend and lover
how can i deal with it with it …

respect my power,respect my body and i m not out of steel, time is running, i got stamina and i wont give up wont give up

freak out i‘m not blinded, want it want it all
got this life to live
To many news to many sounds where is the tank to fill me up charge me
Track Name: Tüfschwartz
Fall into the night,we are serpent saints zombies in my head, transformation is one step a way
Walk trough these empty streets behind black windows and concrete friends or enemies, enemies or friends, starring eyes paralyzed
Come on close come on near, we sell our souls so cheap, ripp them out eat them up, nature smiling when we are gone
Take a knife cut your skin tear it off it s a sin?see the blood is floating scrum scrum scrum scrum
Steep ist he beginning steep is the end close your eyes to look inside what there is what there is
Dark dark darkness emptyness
I‘ m not hungry,I cannot sleep
Tousands of living death are frightening me
Reallity is what is here whitch you create, what is not in sight doesn’t exist, doesn‘t exist
Civilisation overkill it’s falling down, erasing what was here and the gras will be as green as before.
Track Name: Superlasziv
Das isch das was du wotsch, dini superfoods im topf,grüen Verpackt grüen isch d’Hoffnig.Uf es bewussters Läbe uf ewigi jugend gwaltfreii gspröch ohni wuet und stress
So schrei oder schwiig, verrecke wersch du eh so schrei oder schwiig
So blibsch sicher gsund gosch ah d Proteiinbar, superlasziv im Fitness Zenter
So trendi so super Hauptsach es chunnt vo wiit här, Chiasamen, Gogibeeri, Grapefruit mit antiagingfaktor, antitoxisch,s läbe isch tödlich so oder so
So schrei oder schwiig verrecke wersch du eh so schrei oder schwiig
So rettisch dis Karma din Körper isch dini Chele Konsum metemne guete Gwüsse

Track Name: Ahwrg
It s no skin of my back what you think about me, but sometimes when i’m out i feel hunted
Yes i fuck around indeed will you criticize me for this?
How i live my sexuality the way i create relations with whom i share my bed i choose,If i want to be touched my choice
Call me whatever whore slut insane dosen’t mean that you can treat me without respect
We all have to ask permission if we want something, your body is your body and no means no.
He said don’t fall in love with me cause you were just on my to do list
She said, do you have to degrade me cause i slept with you ?

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